The First Month

Breaking a serious sweat… 😉 It’s already been a month since I started this blog and training 😄

Despite some difficulties with my schedule due to work in the beginning I managed to come up with a hopefully solid plan for the time being. To get a better feeling and visibility of my progress I started to track most of my running activities with a GPS-Smartwatch since last week after noticing that I initially did not have any data to analyze my performance.

But first things first: how does my training plan currently look?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Rest Day Easy 5k Easy 5k Rest Day-ish Long Run 10k
Evening Bouldering Moderate 5k Bouldering Easy 5k

In general I try to stick to the plan as best I can but sometimes have to get creative so I do not have to skip a session. This means at times I am off running in the middle of the night or early in the morning. An interesting observation I made is that those runs are especially relaxing even if they at times feel harder than the normal runs.

Of course plans are here to be changed so this week due to me having the week off looked a little bit different:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Afternoon 😉 Long Run 10k Hiking 10k (750m elevation)
Evening Easy 5k Bouldering Moderate 5k Yoga Bouldering Easy 5k

So what did I achieve by now?

After struggling in the beginning as my legs were not used to the training load and having to cut some runs short I managed to get into a good routine by now.

Almost all of my runs include some elevation between 60-120m.
With regards to pace I am slowly getting a hang of what pace I can sustain and how different paces feel. So currently I feel comfortable somewhere around 5:55min/km. I still need to be careful with keeping my heartrate in check but I am slowly getting there. All in all I dialed in my weekly distance to around 25km currently and will try to increase it to 30-35km during this month.

From a mind perspective it is also a huge improvement, I am feeling way more relaxed and full of new energy even if the stress levels at work peak.

For now I am pretty happy with the results ❤, lets see what the next few weeks will be like 😄

PS: if you want to follow me in more or less realtime you can follow me on Strava and I also added a Strava widget to the Home page 😉

Martin Schrodi
Senior DevOps Engineer

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