DevOps Running - The start of a journey

So you might be asking… A DevOps Engineer? Working long hours at a desk job, every day and sometimes even at night, having to keep up with the current tech developments in his spare time? How would someone be able to run an Ultra-Trail while only moving from the desk to a coffee machine and back during the day? Well, that was the exact question I was asking myself and decided to try what I can achieve with the time I can spare during the week.

The First Month

Breaking a serious sweat… 😉 It’s already been a month since I started this blog and training 😄 Despite some difficulties with my schedule due to work in the beginning I managed to come up with a hopefully solid plan for the time being. To get a better feeling and visibility of my progress I started to track most of my running activities with a GPS-Smartwatch since last week after noticing that I initially did not have any data to analyze my performance.